Newtons Foot Therapy™


Newtons Foot Therapy is a trusted name in the foot care market, specialising in long-term solutions. The Original Chiropody Sponge is the best seller and a one-stop treatment for the removal of hard skin, corns and calluses.

For weekly treatments, the Anti-Bacterial Intensive Foot Cream and Anti-Bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub are formulated with refreshing Tea Tree, Spearmint and Cocoa Butter or Natural Pomice. For 24 hours of freshness, the Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream with activated charcoal eliminates foot odour.

  • Newtons Foot Therapy The Original Chiropody Sponge
  • Newtons Foot Therapy Anti-Bacterial Intensive Foot Cream
  • Newtons Foot Therapy Anti-Bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub
  • Newtons Hand Therapy Intensive Moisture Hand & Nail Cream
  • Newtons Foot Therapy Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream
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    Beauty Awards 2015

    Best Classic Feet & Legs Product

    Newtons Foot Therapy Anti-Bacterial Intensive Foot Cream

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